Welcome and thank you for visiting Marian Switzer Photography. I have a wide range of images on a variety of themes.

I aim to capture not only beautiful architecture and amazing landscapes, but also the fleeting abstract images that are produced by both the natural and man-made. I am particularly interested in light, colour, and texture when taking my photos.

My photographic work is an investigation of notions of 'truth' through the filters of time, place, and presence. I feel I have a responsibility to capture a moment in time and preserve it as honestly as possible. The photograph thus serves as an artifact that references a set of presences - objects, people, places - that existed but can never exist again in precisely the same way. This opens up the potential for multiple 'readings' of the photograph and its content on the part of the viewer, and allows for the exposure and exploration of varying degrees and types of "truth" in each image.

All pictures on this site are available for purchase. If you want a different size than listed, or would like greeting cards, postcards, etc., please contact me. Please take the time to look through the galleries and find something that may interest you or someone you know. This website is updated regularly, so please check back from time to time to view new images. Why not add Marian Switzer Photography to your favourites?

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