About the artist

My name is Sue Hinton and I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember.
I've never had any formal training, unless you count a good grade at O level and, although I considered studying art at A level too, my practical side took over – I didn’t rate my career prospects very highly as an artist. So, in fact, it was more than 30 years before I picked up a paintbrush in earnest, when I spent an inspiring week in Cornwall on a painting course run by the very talented artist Janet Shearer in 2002. Janet shared her extensive knowledge of mural painting, perspective and so much more and, since then, I’ve gone on to paint a wide variety of subjects, all of them in acrylics.

I remain an amateur in the true sense of the word (I still work in a marketing/bid writing role, albeit part time now), but spend as much time as I can in my studio. I particularly like creating murals but, as there's a limit on the number of available walls, I paint quite a lot of canvases and MDF panels too!

I’m proud to have sold some of my work and that some of my customers have come back for more. I love a challenge and have undertaken commissions on a wide variety of subjects. Prices, which start at under £100, are strictly according to requirement and agreed at the outset, As I’m lucky enough not to have to earn my living through art, any profit I make from selling my paintings is donated to The Hunger Project UK, which is a hard working charitable organisation committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.

Some of the work shown on this website was commissioned and isn't, therefore, available; but some is for sale. If you're interested in a particular picture, or would like to discuss a possible commission, please use the contact page to get in touch.